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The Julia Park Barry of Glasgow - Lifeboat

Our new Lifeboat museum is now erected and work to restore the former lifeboat is now underway. The Julia Park Barry of Glasgow served in Peterhead from 1939-1969 and saved 496 lives during its service. Following that it served with the Fisheries service for a period, before being bought by Professor Sir Lewis Ritchie and donated back to Peterhead.

We are proud to host this future exhibit within our museum and hope visitors will enjoy seeing the work unfold before the official opening later in 2019.

Model Railway

Looking towards 2020 we are currently developing areas that will host a scale replica model of the train system that ran between the prison and granite quarry 2.5 miles south of Peterhead, where the inmates toiled daily to support the build of the "Harbour of Refuge". For more information visit:

The railway was the first "state owned railway" in Britain and the model will also show locations that are now long gone, like the former village of Burnhaven and the Long John Distillery, as well as showing visitors the landscape that used to surround the prisoners daily journey in their secure carriages. For more information visit:

Another room will showcase the granite itself and explain to visitors that granite from the quarry was also used in such locations as the base of the fountains at Trafalgar Square and as part of Tower Bridge in London. For more information visit: